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    The stroke of a bride, with her bouquet in hand, runnning up the stairs in one breath, toward the beginning of a new life. His steps towards the altar, under the Father's arm who hides with fatigue the emotion. The looks of the couple interweaving between them linger, savoring life together against the backdrop of breathtaking scenery. These and other timeless emotions, unchanging and yet always different, make a striking tale of interwoven details and precious sensations. In order to capture this uniqueness it is necessary to rely on a competent professional, able to capture the moment and tell a compelling story through his eyes and his goal. Those who are planning their wedding in Campania or the Amalfi Coast and are looking for a photographer in Naples can rely on the Petix fotografi to translate this desire into reality. Located in San Giuseppe Vesuviano, near to Naples, the study of Petix fotografi is specialized in wedding photography and in travel photography and produces video reports for the spouses and for each type of event.

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    Petix Fotografi, a professional to the service of your emotions

    "What photography reproduces to infinity has occurred only once: it repeats mechanically what can never happen again existentially. In it, the incident never results in anything; it always leads back to the corpus I need the body that I see; is the absolute detail, the sovereign Contingency, turned off and as obtuse, the Tale, in short Tyché, the Used, the Gathering, the Royal tireless in his expression. "(Roland Barthes, Camera Lucida).

    Point and seize the moment, translating the flow of events in a dense collection of indelible moments of meaning, is the daily mission of the study Petix Fotografi. The current owner operates in a continuation of a family tradition, which started forty years ago, providing customer passion and extensive technical mastery and operating with a staff of experienced photographers in Naples to offer optimal coverage in all types of events. The study also makes videos reportage dedicated to weddings operating with advanced technical means and providing the opportunity to enrich wedding videos with stunning aerial shots made with drone-mounted machines.

  • Art photography and travel reportage

    The philosophy of the story and of the reportage is the element that unifies the production of the study Petix Fotografi. Each year, professionals of the study lend their energies to journeys made in different parts of the planet, in order to perfect their mastery of the photographic medium and widen their eyes to other realities. From these business engagements in Africa, India and elsewhere in the world proceeds the photo archive of travel and reportage signed by the study: a collection of images that become part of exhibitions and events dedicated to the art of photography and has won the favor of collectors and enthusiasts of artistic photography. Images taken by Petix team photographers are considered true objects of furniture and impress with great visual power, declined in black and white and color images ranging from portrait to landscape photos, offering a vivid cross-section of customs and traditions that live in distant countries and places symbol of the collective.


    The study Petix Fotografi is characterized by professionalism and quality in the landscape of the Photographer in Naples which are specialized in wedding reportage. Constant professional development and technical equipment of first level, combined with the mastery of digital editing tools allow them to develop tailored projects for the customer in terms of video and photographic materials, offering a quality product at competitive prices. Petix Fotografi operates wide-ranging in Campania and in other regions. Depending on the characteristics of the project, the troupe dedicated to marriage is made up of a technical number that ranges from three to five people, ensuring the presence of two photographer to cure the realization of the shots. The study receives its clients by appointment. To check the availability of staff and to book an appointment aimed at the elaboration of a custom quote you can contact the secretariat of the study. The staff also responds to the email petixfotografi@gmail.com and messages received through the Facebook profile, where you can see an updated overview of productions from the studio.



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